Transmogrification Building

Transmogrification building 2

"A research facility that is looking for ways to find the hidden form of Monsters."
Type Main Building
Level Unlocked  ?
Cost 3000

The Transmogrification Building is a building that allows players to change the look of certain monsters. Transmogrified monsters also have special animations. Unawakened transmogrified monsters have the same appearance as their awakened counterparts.

The cost to transmogrify a monster is 300,000 Mana Stones and 100 Shapeshifting Stones.

List of MonstersEdit

Transmogrification is currently only available to a certain number of monsters. The following are the monsters that have available transmogrifications:

Base Name Transmogrification Name
Valkyrja Goddess of War
Vampire Monarch of Death
Sylph Space Agent
Inugami Mecha
Pixie Marching Band
Rakshasa Night Stalker
Griffon Mecha
Werewolf Wild West Outlaw
Death Knight Fearsome Judge
Epikion Priest Strategy Advisor
Nine-tailed Fox Dazzling Priestess
Sylphid Celestial Fairy
Pierret Street Dancer
Ninja Yaksha Warrior
Mystic Witch Moonlight
Monkey King Heavenly Sage
Sky Dancer Flamenco
Undine Empress of the Abyss
Living Armor Gatekeeper of Death
Harpu Little Birdie


Oracle (Fire) - Juno Imperial Brigade


Polar Queen (Fire) - Brandia Moonlight Priest


Chimera (Fire) - Rakan Heavy Metal

Transmogrification GalleryEdit

See Transmogrifications.

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