Transmogrifications, transmogs for short, are a way to change the appearance of your monsters. Similar to skins in MOBAs and other videogames, transmogs change both the costume your monster is wearing as well as the animation of its attacks. They can be acquired at the Transmogrification Building through two different methods.

The first is by exchanging 100 shapeshifting stones and 300,000 mana for the transmogs of one attribute of any one monster. This unlocks the transmog of your choice permanently. The other way to is to pay for packs. These packs cost real world money and unlock all attributes of one monster and are only about a week and a half after the latest wave has been released. After the time period has elapsed, you can no longer pay for them. You will instead need to collect the shapeshifting stones and mana as mentioned previously.

Below is a table of all the current transmogifactions that have been released.

Monster Name Transmogrification Name Galleries
Anubis Dimension Observer Khnum, Avaris, Iunu, Amarna, Thebae
Brownie Magician Astronaut Draco, Orion, Aquilla, Gemini, Korona
Brownie Magician Beach Boy Draco, Orion, Aquilla, Gemini, Korona
Death Knight Fearsome Judge Arnold, Fedora, Briand, Conrad, Dias
Desert Queen Beach Girl Sekhmet, Bastet, Hathor, Isis, Nepthys
Dragon Knight Evil Eye Berserker Laika, Chow, Leo, Jager, Ragdoll
Epikion Priest Strategy Advisor Chloe, Rina, Michelle, Iona, Rasheed
Epikion Priest Beach Girl Chloe, Rina, Michelle, Iona, Rasheed
Fairy Beach Girl Iselia, Elucia, Aeilene, Neal, Sorin
Frankenstein Rock N' Roll Bulldozer, Tractor, Crane, Driller, Crawler
Griffon Mecha Spectra, Kahn, Bernard, Shamann, Varus
Grim Reaper Death Guide Sath, Hemos, Hiva, Prom, Thrain
Harq Forest Wizard Racuni, Remy, Raviti, Dova, Kroa
Harpu Little Birdie Colleen, Sisroo, Seal, Sia, Seren
Homuculus (Attack) Liberated Destroyer Homuculus (Fire), Homuculus (Water), Homuculus (Wind)
Horus Desert Monarch Duamutef, Qebehsenuef, Imesety, Wedjat, Amduat
Ifrit Magic Guardian Tesarion, Theomars, Akhhamamir, Veromos
Inugami Mecha Raoq, Icaru, Ramahan, Belladeon, Kro
Jack-o'-lantern Cowboy Smokey, Chilling, Windy, Misty, Dusky
Kobold Bomber Assault Tank Zibrolta, Malaka, Taurus, Dover, Bering
Kung Fu Girl Beach Girl Hong Hua, Xiao Lin, Ling Ling, Liu Mei, Fei
Living Armor Gate Keeper of Death Iron, Nickel, Copper, Silver, Zinc
Mermaid Sea Fairy Platy, Tetra, Cichlid, Molly, Betta
Monkey King Heavenly Sage Mei Hou Wang, Shi Hou, Xing Zhe
Qitian Dasheng, Son Zhang Lao
Mystic Witch Moonlight Rebecca, Megan, Silia, Linda, Gina
Nine-tailed Fox Dazzling Priestess Shihwa, Soha, Arang, Chamie, Kamiya
Ninja Yaksha Warrior Garo, Susano, Orochi, Gin, Han
Occult Girl Sleepy Rica, Anavel, Charlotte, Lora, Nicki
Occult Girl Beach Girl Rica, Anavel, Charlotte, Lora, Nicki
Oracle Beach Girl Juno, Praha, Seara, Laima, Giana
Phantom Thief Mission Commander Jean, Luer, Julien, Louis, Guillaume
Phoenix Dimensional Wing Perna, Teshar, Sigmarus, Eludia, Jaara
Pierret Street Dancer Clara, Julie, Sophia, Eva, Luna
Pioneer Fortune Watcher Chiwu, Woosa, Pungbaek, Nigong, Woonsa
Pirate Captain Full Metal Hero Carrack, Galleon, Barque, Brig, Frigate
Pixie Marching Band Tatu, Kacey, Shannon, Cheryl, Camaryn
Rakshasa Night Stalker Hwa, Su, Yen, Pang, Ran
Samurai Demon's Way Jun, Kaz, Kaito, Tosi, Sige
Sky Dancer Flamenco Hwahee, Mihyang, Chasun, Yeonhong, Wolyong
Sky Dancer Beach Girl HwaheeMihyang, Chasun, Yeonhong, Wolyong
Succubus Beach Girl Akia, Izaria, Selena, Aria, Isael
Sylph Space Agent Baretta, Tyron, Shimitae, Eredas, Aschubel
Sylphid Celestial Fairy Fria, Lumirecia, Acasis, Mihael, Icares
Taoist Master of Harmony Gunpyeong, Gildong, Woochi, Hwadam, Woonhak
Undine Empress of the Abyss Atenai, Mikene, Delphoi, Icasha, Tilasha
Vagabond Celestial Knight Kai'en, Allen, Roid, Darion, Jubelle
Valkyrja Goddess of War Vanessa, Camilla, Katarina, Akroma, Trinity
Valkyrja Ultimate Weapon Vanessa, Camilla, Katarina, Akroma, Trinity
Valkyrja Beach Girl Vanessa, Camilla, Katarina, Akroma, Trinity
Vampire Monarch of Death Verdehile, Liesel, Argen, Julianne, Cadiz
Vampire Street Troubleshooter Verdehile, Liesel, Argen, Julianne, Cadiz
Werewolf Wild West Outlaw Garoche, Vigor, Shakan, Eshir, Jultan