Unknown Scroll

"A Summon Scroll possessing unknown energy. It summons a monster between 1 and 3-stars."

An Unknown Scroll is the most common summoning scroll in the game, and can be found in all Scenarios and Dungeons, with the exception of Secret Dungeons. Unknown Scrolls can also be obtained from completing certain one-time Missions. Players can also buy it from the Magic Shop or Glory Shop.

Unknown Scrolls can summon monsters from grades 1-star to 3-star. If a natural 1- or 2-star monster is chosen, then there is also a small chance that it will be summoned already awakened and bumped up one grade.

Unknown Scrolls cannot summon Light and Dark monsters, nor can they summon material monsters: Angelmon, Rainbowmon, or Devilmon. The summoning cost is 300 mana stones in addition to consuming the scroll.

Where to AcquireEdit

Summoning Results Edit

SWARFARM has collected over 300,000 data points on unknown scroll summons so far. You can help contribute to the collection of data! Here is a quick summary:

Natural grade Probability
Silver Star or Gold Star 74.2%
Silver StarSilver Star or Gold StarGold Star 24.4%
Gold StarGold StarGold Star 1.4%

Evidence shows that the results of Unknown Scrolls are equivalent to Social Summons.

Notes Edit

In Summoners War Patch 2.1.2, a new feature was added to the game, to summon 10 unknown scrolls simultaneously. Once the user reaches level 30, the button will appear "10 Summon(s)". It will cost 10 unknown scrolls and 3000 mana stones, and if the summoned monsters include any 3-star monsters, the lightning effect will appear.

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