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Hey folks!

A bunch of people have been complaining about the Artamiel stage in TOA lately. Most veterans probably just blazed through it, but I can see newer players struggling. My only advice is to use the monsters that helped you through TOA previously, because really, Artamiel’s buff only makes him hit harder. It doesn’t change the overall strategy for him. The key is having lots of CC to keep the other monsters down, and to bring helpful debuffs like Attack debuff, defense debuff, and glancing hits. Monsters like Aria, any of the Taoists, etc are really good here. Having a defense buff also helps with survival, so Basalt, Talc, etc are also useful.

Of course, I’m mostly talking about my approach to the TOAH version, but newer players can use the same principle for Normal. In terms of F2P monsters, Vero is good for CC and tank, while Belladeon is good for heals and defense debuff. Mav is also really good, as is Baretta. Spectra is good as well. And if runes are an issue for you (you really don’t need much for TOAN), then use it as a sign that you should farm runes more.

And really, Artamiel is the cover boy for the game. If he wasn’t great, then why have him representing the SW?

Weekly Poll

Did you actually write some actual team strategies for the Rift Strategy Event?

The poll was created at 11:40 on January 23, 2017, and so far 67 people voted.

Weekly Discussion

Since the Rift Dungeon Strategies event is on, I thought, why not see what strategies the community has come up with since Rift Dungeons first got introduced? So what are your strategies for rifts? What kind of teams do you use for farming those elemental crystals? Have your say here.

Guide to Grindstones and Enchanted Gems

As you start racking up all those legendary runes with great substats (funny I know), you’re probably going to want to start using grindstones/gems to make them into even more awesome runes! Shredded Puzzle is here to tell you how you can maximize the use of your hard earned grindstones/gems in this video!


For those of you having trouble with TOAN 90 in this month’s rotation (Artamiel floor), shyrusmoller has written this handy guide for all of you!

For those of you who want something in video format, JewBagel has made a video guide! And you only need farmable monsters for this!

Stella Spotlight

This week, ShreddedPuzzle made a spotlight video about one of SW’s more underappreciated monsters: Stella! Check out his take in this video!

Wind Anubis Test

This week, YDCB took the bullet for you guys, and worked up his Wind Anubis! But is he any good? Find out here!

Shimitae Spotlight

Remember Shimitae? Apparently ShreddPuzzle does, which is why he made this video showing you all why he’s a great monster! Check it out!

Ganymede Spotlight

SeanB recently did a spotlight of a very underappreciated monster: Ganymede! Is Psamathe’s brother any good? Check out this video to find out!


This week’s fanart of the very lovely Aria was done by xCappu!

Aria succubus light summoners war by xcappu-daw32eh.png

by xCappu


That’s it for this week folks! Check back next week to see if we have anything else besides Monster Spotlights!