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The Wiki Newsletter is our weekly update on all things related to the wiki and Summoners War in general. If you would like something to be added in to the next issue, please drop a suggestion in the comments section.

Hey folks!

Hope you enjoyed those extra wishing well wishes while they lasted. I sort of miss the old days when landing on the monster icon actually meant getting a 5-star. These days, the few times I land on the monster icon, it’s usually just awakened 2-star fodder. But the wishes are free, so I suppose one can hardly complain. Ah well.

Com2uS Investigating Email Change Hacks

Some of you may not be aware, but there seems to be a new wave of account hacking going on. The latest exploit seems to involve changing account emails without the original user’s awareness. Com2uS is apparently investigating this, although they need more evidence to help with their investigation. If you or anyone you know has recently been hacked, send in a support ticket to Com2uS and let them know! See this thread for more info, courtesy of Evantide2!

Update 3.2.2

A new update came out this past week, bringing us oodles of miscellaneous changes. The most significant change was probably Additional Placements in Raids. Now with a deep enough lineup, you can occupy two slots in Raid by yourself! See here for more details!

Weekly Poll

Which monster do you want for this month’s Hall of Heroes (February 2016)?

The poll was created at 12:02 on January 30, 2017, and so far 111 people voted.

Weekly Discussion

This week, I’m curious to know which you prioritize with your guild points: Mystical Scrolls or Legendary Scroll Pieces? Which do you have more success with? Have your say here.

1 min Verdeless DB10 Teams

Still looking to get that speed team going for DB10? Syntac gives a few team combos in this video, all without Verdehile! A must watch for anyone! Hint: Get your Tarqs and Fire High Elementals ready!

Malaka Tier List

If you want a bit of humor, check out this tier list made by one of SW’s own, Malaka!

Theomars: ATK vs SPD

Struggling to decide whether to put more speed or attack on your Theo (sorry Theoless people)? Check out this analysis by beyond_netero, here!

Rune Selling Guide

Some of you hoarders have probably noticed that you eventually need to sell some of your runes. Fortunately for you, ShreddedPuzzle has you covered with this rune selling guide!

Up Close with Chuffles

This past week, Childish sat down with Chuffles, who recently achieved Legend in Global Server! Want to know his tips for success? Check out this video!

Astar Test

This week, YDCB took some time to test out Astar, the Fire Magic Knight! Is there any use for her? Is she any good? Find out in this video!

Monster Name Pronunciations

Ever wondered how some of these monsters’ names are pronounced? Want to learn how you can stop butchering names? JewBagel has some fun with TT Reader in this video! Prepare to lose an hour of your life for no reason!

Reno Test

Just pulled that Water Dice Magician and not sure if he can be a Lushen replacement? Not sure if he’s good at all? JewBagel takes him out for a drive in this video!

Calicus Test

Watch as Mards takes Dark Charger Shark out for a spin in some Arena combat in this video!

Icasha Test

ShreddedPuzzle takes Light Undine out for a spin in Guild Wars this week. See how she does in this video!


We have quite a few submissions this week. Here are just a few.

First one is by timvanyoung, who did this sketch of Verad.

Verad Sketch by timvanyoung

by timvanyoung

Next up is one by an artist who’s already been featured here before, Dweyne Anne Methody! If you want to see some of the work she’s done so far, both in SW and other things, check out her Facebook page and her Deviantart page! Here is her version of Raki!

Raki art by Dweynie Sama

by Dweyne Anne Methody

And finally, check out this piece from PrincessZaiross, who drew what Perna would like if it were human.

Perna art by PrincessZaiross

by PrincessZaiross


That’s it for this week folks! Tune in next week to see more tales from the SW community!