I have noticed that we don't have a Glossary in this Wiki and, as many newcomers can easily notice, we use a lot of really weird and specific terms. Therefore, I will use this post to build a glossary and grow it with whatever term I find or get suggested.

My intention is to grow this to become more than awesome, however this is a work in progress so, if you really need a glossary that is already awesome I suggest to you refer to this guide in Reddit.


AD : Arena Defense

AO : Arena Offense

AOE or AoE : Area of Effect : RPG lingo, refers to skills that produce damage or apply effects to characters (enemies or allies) on an area of the scenario rather than on a particular character. In SWSA (where there are no scenario areas as such) we use it to refer to any skill that affect more than one character.

ARPG : Action Role Playing Game : Refers to RPG where the characters are played in real time (in opposition to turn-based RPG) and are mostly focused on combat.

ATB : Active Time Battle / Attack Bar : Formally, ATB refers to the combat system used by SWSA. When referred to SWSA, the term is commonly used to refer specifically to the attack bar instead of the whole mechanic. 

ATB is a turn based combat system in which characters do not aquire turns alternatively as in traditional turn-based RPG and strategy games. Instead, characters aquire turns when they fill up an "action bar". Each character has an attribute (usually called speed) that determines how quick its attack bar is filled up. As a consequence, characters with higher speeds will attack first and can eventually aquire additional turns over characters with lower speeds.

Just as a curiosity, the ATB system was first introduced by Square Enix in Final Fantasy IV, released in 1991.

Buff : RPG lingo, refers to statuses that provide beneficial effects

CC : Crowd Control : RPG lingo, refers to skills or techniques destined to reduce the accumulated damage coming from a significant number of enemies. Refers also to the characters having these skills or that are appropiate to apply the techniques. In SWSA it is commonly used to refer to skills that can apply AoE statuses that reduce the number of turns that enemies can aquire (stun, freeze, sleep, slow,  ATB reduce, etc.)

CD : Critical Damage

Cleanser : Refers to characters with skills capable of removing debuffs from allies.

CR : Critical Rate

DBx : Dragon's Lair Bx, where x refers to the level (from 1 to 10)

Debuff : RPG lingo, refers to statuses that produce harmful effects

DD : Damage Dealer : RPG lingo: Refers to monsters whose main use is to inflict damage.

DM : Damage Mitigation : RPG lingo. Refers to skills and tecniques that reduce the damage a character takes from enemies. This can be achieved either by increasing the resistance of the proper character (by increasing defense attributes) or by reducing the damage output from enemies (by reducing speed or other attack related attributes).

DOT or DoT : Damage Over Time : RPG lingo, refers to statuses that produce certain amount of damage each turn (or each second on ARPG) for a predefined number of turns (or seconds). On SWSA it refers specifically to the Continous Damage status.

DPS : Damage per Second : ARPG lingo. Refers to the amount of damage a character can deal by time unit. DPS calculation involves both damage per attack and attack speed. This term is sometimes mistakenly used interchangeably with DD.

Farm : RPG lingo, repeat actions (usually clearing already cleared quests) in order to collect and accumulate loot and/or experience. 

Farmer : A character specifically built in order to farm. In SWSA this usually means a monster that is capable of clearing certain scenarios by itslef in order to collect experience for other monsters. 

Farmable : A character that can be obtained by normal game-play, that is, not exclusively by random summoning. That means that obtaining a farmable monster is a matter of work and/or time, and not sheer luck.

This includes characters that are obtained as mission completion rewards (Lucien ), that are dropped in scenarios (Bernard ), that can be farmed from Secret Dungeons (Spectra ), by purchasing pieces on shops (Hemos ) or that can be obtained through fusion of farmable monsters (Veromos ). It is argued whether elemental ifrits and cowgirs can be considered farmable since after collecting the pieces there is a random summoning among the different elements.

Fusion monsters that require non-farmable monsters in their recipes are not considered farmable. These are currently Qebehsenuef (requires Nubia ), Ling Ling (requires Zephicus ) and, as a result, Xiong Fei . Before the release of Xiong Fei fusion, Argen , Akia and Veromos were not farmable, since the Secret Dungeons for Velfinodon and Nangrim were released at the same time.

GBx : Giant's Keep Bx, where x refers to the level (from 1 to 10).

Glass Cannon : RPG lingo. A specific kind of DD that can deal large amounts of damage but are easily killed (glass cannons are squishy :).

GW : Guild Wars

GWD : Guild Wars Defense

GWO : Guild Wars Offense

Gz : Chat lingo, short for "gratz", which in turn is short for "congratulations".

LF: Looking for : Chat lingo, commonly used to ask for Secred Dungeons.

NBx : Necropolis Bx, where x refers to the level (from 1 to 10).

Necro : Necropolis.

Nuke : Used as a verb, refers to a situation where a character kills one or more monsters with a single attack.

Nuker : A subclass of DD capable of inflicting large amounts of damage. Specifically refers to monsters capable of nuking.

PROC or Proc : Programed Random OCurrence : Refers to any random event actually being executed in the game. For example, when a monster with Despair runes attacks and actually stuns an enemy it is said that it had a proc of despair (used as a noun) or that despair has procced (used as a verb).

PvE : Player versus Environment.

PvP : Player versus Player.

Rezer or Resser : Short for resucitator. Refers to characters with skills capable of reviving allies.

RIP : Chat lingo, originally meaning Requescat in Pace in Latin (or Rest in Peace in English). Used to convey condolences for an unluky event in-game.

In SWSA is used to refer to summoning events posted to chat. The most common case is when a user summons a  so-called "fake" 5 star monster, that is, a natural 4 star in awakened form.

Rn or Rdn : Raid, level n

RNG : Random Number Generation : Used to refer to any event ocurring randomly.

RPG : Role Playing Game : According to Wikipedia  "A role-playing game (sometimes spelled roleplaying game and abbreviated to RPG) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting."

When referred to a video game the term is often extended to apply to any game where character abilities are described by a set of attributes and skills and where the characters are able to evolve their attributes and possibly aquire additional skills based on a set of predefined rules (either by accumulating experience, aquiring and consuming resources or using equipement). This is the case of SWSA.

Strictly speaking most video games categorized as RPG are not real RPG since caracters are "used" rather than "played" (in the theatrical sense of the word). This is also the case of SWSA.

Salty : Chat lingo. Envious (usually in relation to the summoning luck of others).

SD : Secret Dungeon.

Squishy : Refers to monsters that are killed easily.

Stripper : Refers to characters capable of removing buffs from enemies.

Sustainable, Sustain or Self-Sustain : Refers to the abitily of a monster to remain alive in long battles. This can be achieved by important damage reduction and/or self-healing. Some monsters are naturally self-sustaining (clear examples are Ramagos , Talc or Arnold , which are tanks with self-healing skills), however some monsters with high DPS can achieve this trait by using vampire runes.

SWSA : Summoners War Sky Arena : Well, you know, the game all this is about.

Tank or Tanker : RPG lingo, refers to characters built to attract the attention of the enemies and sustain large amounts of damage on behalf of the rest of the team.

TOA or ToA : Trial of Ascension : Commonly misspelled as Tower of Ascension due to the trial consisting in a Tower being, well, ascended.

ToAh : Trial of Ascension, hard difficulty.

ToAn : Trial of Ascension, normal difficulty.