World Boss
World boss
Energy Cost
Mode Cost Energy
Normal 10

World Boss is server wide boss that is unlocked after completing a Dimensional Rift once. Clearing the World Boss for the first time unlocks the Rift of Worlds. The World Boss respawns 6 hours after it has been defeated. Players can only participate three times per day even if the world boss respawns on the same day.

10-20 monsters can selected to attack the world boss on each attempt. Once a monster has been used in a World Boss Battle, it cannot be used in another World Boss Battle until the day resets. The World Boss is a community wide event, where every player's attack deals accumulated damage to the world boss. The World boss is defeated once the boss's HP is reduced to zero.

After every battle, the player is graded from F to SSS depending on the total damage dealt. The amount of damage a monster deals is calculated based on how well the monster is "trained", which depends on a variety of factors. A set amount of random grade rewards are given depending on the grade. When a world boss is defeated, the total damage each player has dealt is tallied up and the clearance reward will be sent out.

Monster selectionEdit

Players can bring 10-20 monsters to battle the world boss with each attempt. Monsters must be at least level 30 to participate, and once a monster has been used it cannot be used again until the day resets. Friend rep monsters cannot be used to battle the world boss.


The actual battle is an auto battle where a cinematic clip is shown with the selected monsters attacking the boss. Players do not have any control over their monsters' actions. World boss battles do not give any Experience.

The amount of damage a monster deals is based on how well the monster has been "trained". The amount of "training" depends on a number of factors, such as the monster grade, level, and the amount of skill-ups it has received, runes equipped, etc. A higher number in the monster's stats and level will increase "training" value. Runes influence damage where a higher rune grade and upgrade amount increases the training of a monster. The monster training will be converted into battle power which will determine the monster's damage dealt to the boss.

Additionally, the world boss has two attributes (eg. water & fire). Bringing monsters with elements that are strong against those attributes will also result in more damage against the boss.

Battle GradingEdit

The possible rewards given after each battle depends on your grade and are random, i.e. you can get repeated rewards.

Grade Damage
Number of
Possible Rewards
WB SSS grade Icon WB SSS 2,000,000 8

Devilmon (Dark) Icon Devilmon x1

King Angelmon (Water) Icon King Angelmon x1 random attribute

Scroll of Light & Darkness Scroll of Light & Darkness x1

Legendary Scroll Legendary Scroll x1

Mystical Scroll Mystical Scroll x1

Water Scroll Water Scroll x1

Fire Scroll Fire Scroll x1

Wind Scroll Wind Scroll x1

Mana Stone Mana Stone x2500~8000

Crystal Crystal x5~10

Summoning Stones Summoning Stone x2

Legendary Summoning Piece Legendary Summoning Piece x5

Light & Dark Summoning Piece Light & Dark Summoning Piece x5

Essence of Magic (High) Random Essences

Rune Icon Random Rune x1 3★ and up

WB SS grade Icon WB SS 1,850,000
WB S grade Icon WB S 1,700,000
WB A+ grade Icon WB A+ 1,550,000 7
WB A grade Icon WB A 1,400,000
WB A- grade Icon WB A- 1,250,000
WB B+ grade Icon WB B+ 1,100,000 6
WB B grade Icon WB B 950,000
WB B- grade Icon WB B- 800,000
WB C grade Icon WB C 650,000 5
WB D grade Icon WB D 500,000 5

All above except Legendary Scroll, Devilmon,
Light & Darkness Scroll, and Crystal x10.
Mana for this grade is between 1000~2000.

WB F grade Icon WB F 0

Clearance rewardEdit

When a World Boss dies, the total damage that each player has done will be tallied and graded. Players will be rewarded with Crystals according to this grade.

Grade Minimum Requirement Reward Crystal
Damage Rank
WB Legend rank Legend 10,000k Rank 1 300
WB Grand Master III rank Grand Master III 9,000k Rank 30 250
WB Grand Master II rank Grand Master II 8,000k Rank 100 200
WB Grand Master I rank Grand Master I 7,000k Top 5% 175
WB Master III rank Master III 6,000k Top 10% 150
WB Master II rank Master II 5,000k Top 15% 125
WB Master I rank Master I 4,000k Top 20% 100
WB Elite III rank Elite III 3,500k Top 30% 75
WB Elite II rank Elite II 3,000k Top 40% 50
WB Elite I rank Elite I 2,500k Top 50% 35
WB Superior III rank Superior III 2,000k Top 60% 20
WB Superior II rank Superior II 1,500k Top 70% 15
WB Superior I rank Superior I 1,000k Top 80% 10
WB Novice rank Novice 0 Top 100% 5

In other languageEdit

English World Boss
Korean 월드보스
Japanese ワールドボスWārudo Bosu
Traditional Chinese世界BOSS
Simplified Chinese 世界BOSS
French Boss des mondes
German Welten-Boss
Russian Мировой Босс
Portuguese Chefe do Mundo
Spanish Jefe del Mundo
Indonesian World Boss
Malay Bos Dunia
Vietnamese Boss Thế Giới
Thai บอสปฐพี

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